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How do i get Pro/E not asking for pswd? (I'm a baka n00b)


New member
I thought it wanted a password for a license server or locked file, but I use a node-locked license and this is a clean install... anyway, why does it want a password? why?

[Message Input Window]

-> Please enter your password [: ] [checkmark][X]

Ok, what does it want? I reisntalled and changes license files and plugged it into license servers, nothing. What the heck?!

Thanks for your help!

The idiot Pro/E n00b.

Daniel Wang
Are you installing an ae version? How are you installing it?
hi,Wildfire,how are you? I has offen read your rementant about PROE in the wed net:ftpp:// it right?
'AE version? I don't know which version I used, but I used the same license file on 2 computers and it only failed on 1... I tried different license files and codes but Pro/E apparently didn't uninstall completely. I think it might be how I installed it.

I do know that I have a version that says for educational use only. It works quite well on the mainframe here, so it's ok for now. What really boggles me is how Pro/E could force a password to be entered and not allow use of the app without it, even without a license server Pro/E still let's you do reconfiguration.

Oh well, it may be the license after all. When I get back I'l try connecting it to my personal license server over here at the studio and maybe that'll work. Thanks anyway!

Daniel Wang

did you know you can check your license status with ptcstatus and ptcflush commands (from the DOS-prompt)?

ptcstatus will give information about your license server and who are in use.

After a computer hang, with ptcflush you can restore the license per user.
If it asks for a password you must did something wrong when you did the licence setup or there migt be a problem with licence (HostID, dates...). The network card working properly?


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