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How Del an object in WorkSpace by search method ?


New member

Anyone know delete method by finding one object name?

What I mean is I want to delet a part or drawing, that item name I know. Can I find the item in the WorkSpace and delete, because for scrolling down and finding the item is too diffculty to me. I had thsounds of items in my workspace like standard parts..etc. Refreshing time taking too much, I cannot wait till the workspace gets refresh and select the item to do delete or modify or rename....etc

Is there any solution....

please respond as soon as possible.

thanks and regards




Best way in workspace is probably using filters...

- Modify your table configuration

- on the Filters tab, specify the part name (or other parameters, plus you can use wildcards)

- This will filter the workspace view, so you only see those parts specified...
I might suggest that you 'check-in' some of those thousands of parts unless they are all needed 'checked-out' for an assembly. I believe that 'locate' only works in Commonspace, so you would have to use filters, as stated above by proed, to find specific items.

Steve C