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How come inventor sucks?

Kevin De Smet

New member
mjcole_ptc said:
Simple Answer.
It's Made by Autodesk!

Kind of

I would say that Autodesk lacks synergy.
You know that with companies like PTC, Dassault, Solidworks - you're getting that one product (excluding some data management things) and the focus and money is going into the further development and support of that one product.

I don't think a lot of people are all to keen on the thought of a "microsoft of cad" in the form of Autodesk, while it can have certain advantages (such as better interoperability between products). I don't believe they weigh up to the negatives of these possible outcomes: less focus, less competition, less innovation, higher prices, out-of-touch with customers.
Kevin, If you look at the changes Inventor has gone through over the later releases, and maybe in particulal what Inventor 2010 has grown into. I really do not understand how you can present a list of possible negative outcomes as you do. higher prices can be because of more/better functionality. less competition - I don't know what you mean. But in the end it really boils down to what you need to get your work done, and how hard do you like it to be (spank meagain PTC).

M_Dogg 20

New member
I use Inventor 2013 and guess what - IT STILL SUCKS!!! What the hell has Autodesk been doing all this time? I use both Inventor 2013 and Pro E (Creo2) and the ProE version runs rings around Inventor. I spend hours at work wrestling with the model constraints, then I take the models home and finish with ProE in a fraction of the time. Inventor is slow, clumsy and archaic. This is the best description I can give to anyone who wants to buy and use inventor. Imagine getting into a new luxury car with gleaming dashboard and fancy lights and buttons and leather seats. Nice huh? Then you go for a drive and you soon realise that the steering wheel is on the ceiling, the rearvision mirror is in the glovebox, and the gearstick is in the backseat. Why anybody would buy this crap is beyond me!!!!!


New member
The only software that runs rings around itself faster than a dog chasing it's own tail is Autodesk Inventor.

I can count the number the number of failed 3D CAD attempts by autodesk on 1 hand right now but soon I'll have to start using toes to continue counting them.

Even other companies versions of Autocad are kicking Autodesks But.