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How can you capture the length of a datum curve.


New member
Is there a way to capture the length of a datum curve as a parameter? I'm using the datum curve to generate wires and it would be nice to report lengths on a cable drawing. Or is there a better way to go about this? Our usage doesn't warrant the purchase of the cabling module.

Bernie Hayden



New member
Have you tried using Evaluate Feature?

I don't know if it works for datum curves....




New member
Thanks, it does indeed work with datum curves. I've never used this feature before. It should make the process of doing cable drawings much easier. I'm not sure how to automate the process of showing a flat representation of the cable but at least I can have a parametric note that remains associative to the 3D model.



New member
I am assuming you guys are running 2001. In Wildfire, this function has been added into the Behavioral Modeling Extension.

Does anyone know another way to accomplish this?



New member
jcowan, I think you are thinking about the Analysis feature. The Evaluate feature captures measurable data and puts it into a feature. Insert/Datum/Evaluate in 2001. You will not have the Evaluate feature available (2001 anyways) until you set allow_anatomic_features to Yes in your Why in the world the default of Pro/E is No for this feature is beyond understanding. If the Evaluate feature is no longer available in Wildfire, this would be a shame and a regression of the product.


If the curve is sketched. You can also capture it by selecting all of the pieces in the sketch and chosing edit>convert to>perimeter. The datum analysis feature would be the best choice, second is the datum evaluate feature.


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