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How can we solve this problem :)

Wow, You are right! This is a serious matter that we guys should take care of, where did that 4% came from anyways? :)
It could mean one of two things:

a) Women are under-represented in the MCAD industry; or

b) Women couldn't be bothered filling in Internet surveys!
While I admit this is a male dominated profession, in my experience it's more like an 80/20 split. At the very least 90/10. I think JHardy is correct that a disproportionate amount of women filled out the survey. They are probably concentrating on important stuff like work, unlike myself.
Wait a minute.

Does this mean only 4 % of women and 96 percent of men are having sex?

My math isnt great but theres definitely something funny about the numbers.

Hopefully its a small sample size and this is no indication of reality.

But seriously. 96 percent of men that use pro are actually single? (having sex)


Sorry I couldnt resist.
Cool comments

I am really amazed :)




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This is not from ProE but I think that it is appropriate :)

on a serious note.... the rate at which women drop out of technical fields in college is quite high. They see the male dominated atmosphere, and many choose to go into a more humanitarian major. Since they don't graduate as engineers, there aren't as many in the industry. kinda sad.... it's an endless cycle. women drop out because it is male-dominated so the stats won't change very easily. unless the stereotypes change on what engineering life entails, i don't think the percentages will go up.
ummmm.... i already said i was female and posted my comments..... =) i associate CAD work with engineering because that is the department it is taught in at colleges.


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