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How can I obtain source code of a Model???


New member
I want to import a lot of models that I have made in 3D format

with my own library. So I would like to know how this models are made, I would like to have tehe code of those models.

View the file in notepad, wordpad, or a hex editor.

I'm familiar with some of the headers that you'll find at the beginning of the code, but if you can decipher any of the rest, I'd like to know!

If you ONLY want to import those 3D models, you can use a neutral file format (or another type). but...

if you want to have parametric models, in this case you can chose some customization in about paths (could be on your machine or on server); also in this solution you can make a batch file to be sure to have the enviroment variables and the proper loaded.

Another way (but I guess this is not applicable for you) is to use trail files and buttons. (trail files are ASCII code, of course you know that),

I hope this is useful for you!
I believe inorder to view the model code you have to first save the models uncompressed.

This is a config option although I'm not sure which one. The default is to save the models in binary format which intern compresses them.


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