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How can I make a model programming in C++ ????


New member
I would like to know how can I make a model programming in C++, I would like to have an example of any model created programming.

if u want to creat the model similar to pro/E then u need to write u r own codes in c or c++, first build u r own cad system then go for 3d modeling.

or if u r searching for method to create 3d modell in Pro/E by executing the c or c++ codes, then, u need to consult PTC.

hmt has given u a right answer, u have to build ur own 3d cad system to define all geometrical aspects, like bazier curves, translators, equation compilors. it will be good if u consult book like CAD CAM By Abrahim ZEID. although u can make a simple models by using c++ but cannot generalise it that will work only for 1.


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