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How can I make a gear system?


New member
Hi everybody!

I would
like to bulid a gear system with two or more gears. But in the Assemby
I can't give a hardness to the gears. So they can spin by the cogs.
Does anybody know how it works?

Cheers, Bajszi
And another question:

How can I animate the constraint in the assembly? Because I have made a
stuff, and I have to actuate one part of this modell as like the engine
works... So let's say easily: I have to imitation an engine...


You need to use the DMU-Kinematics function. A Gear joint exist where you can specify the Ration between the gears.

I Assembly u have to press Shift key and then use the compass to translate/rotate parts (Shift key means that all Translations and rotations are made with respect to constrains)


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