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How can i make a 3d cylinder using Protoolkit functions???


New member
I would like to know how can i make a simple 3d cylinder with protoolkit function in c++.

I would like to know if i have to make a feature???


Pro/Toolkit does not allow you to create any feature except datum features like poins or planes. But what you can do is you can place a UDF using Pro/Toolkit.

Makea cylinder as a UDF.

Ihope this answers yous question.

That is not TRUE! You have the ability to create the element tree
(feature creation) for protrusions which a cylinder is. Look in
the API wizard under the User's Guide for more information on creating
Ya thats true. We can make a feature using element tree. I had wrong impression about it. But its too coplicated. And placing UDF using toolkit function is easier.


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