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How can I insert the entire family table into the drawing?


New member
I am creating a generic drawing for an o-ring with 37 instances, and I wish to show the entire family table in the drawing. I recall that this can be done in Pro/E2000i, but I can't figure out how to do it in Pro/E 2001.

Any help would be appreciated!

Yes I do want the table to show all the instances. Specifically, I have currently 37 instances, with 4 dimension columns in the family table, and I want the drawing to show the entire family table (with 5 columns and 37 rows,column 1: instance name

column 2: dimension 1, column 3:dimension 2, etc).

I believe in Pro/E 2000i you could just click INSERT-FAMILY TABLE in the drawing menu, but I can not find it in 2001.
mjc, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I'll shoot you a Pro/REPORT table (.tbl file) that will do exactly what you are asking. As long as I can remember, inserting a table has been the way to achieve what you are asking.

Did you try creating a table, setting the Repeat Region, Enter Text, and selecting Report Sym, Fam, Inst, Name??? Have you tried going that route?


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