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How can I change the default BOM?


New member
Hi!... I'd like to add some parameters to the BOM list, I know that I can change it, but I don't know how to do it... Somebody can help me?

- To add more parameters into a BOM, use Table > Enter Text > Report Sym.

- Then select a cell in the repeat region.

- Then pick which parameters to include, for example:


Index: rpt.index

Quantity: rpt.qty

Custom parameter material:

Click asm, then mbr, then User Defined, then enter material:


Add other parameters in the same way.

Use bom_format option to change from default BOM to user defined one.

You need to create a simple text file and place it in your ProE directory.

Change bom_format and browse to the file you have created.

Info about format of the file you can find in ProE Help.



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