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mapkeys are saved under our, mapkeys are not saved under different file name. then we have to give our file to you. you have to fix that file in your shortcut.

if ok means i can send you my mail me back if you requred. ([email protected])
There is no list. Mapkeys are user customized macros. You create a set of mouse clicks and keystrokes and then play them back later to repeat a set of functions.

Use Utilities>Mapkeys select new and enter a a word or phrase you want to remember to launch this mapkey. Select record. perform your task using the menus. Icons aren't a good idea. In different modes some icons aren't there and so your mapkey won't work. When you're done select stop>ok all, save it to your and exit. now you can type in the short word and your macro will execute.
my best sujection you can create your own mapkeys very easily, according to your requirement. If you are having any question regarding how to create the mapkeys. you can contact me at this E-mail id: [email protected]
AH.. sorry.

I've never heard of a list for that however there is a way to turn on keyboard input for Pro/E. This way as you type it will activate the menu items.Typing the menu manager commands will activate that command as soon as pro knows which command you want. Sometimes it only takes 1 letter and sometimes a whole word.

You can use keyboard abbreviations. To enable the abbreviation functionality, set the configuration file option kbd_cmd_abbreviation to on. In this case, the system performs automatic substring matching with the menu commands currently present on the screen. Therefore, you need type only as much of the command as constitutes a unique substring, and the command is selected automatically. For example, if you open an existing part or create a new one, and you type [fe], the Feature option is selected and the FEAT menu opens on the Menu Manager. If, however, you then type [re], at least one more character is required, since re is common to the commands Reorder, Read Only, Redefine, and Reroute on the FEAT menu. When you type in the next identifying character, Pro/ENGINEER executes the menu command without your having to press ENTER.



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