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New member
good afternoom,

j have some problem with hoshid.

My computer (SO winxp) has one networkcard (I connect my laptop) and one router connect byUSB(J use this for connect phone). so j have two diffirent HOstID.

the problem is that pro/e doesn't understand what is the correct HostId, and so my license doesn't run.

Have anybody resolve same problem?

thank very much



New member
Yes. You will need to do some registry editing to tell Windows which one is the primary MAC address.

1) Insert you Pro/E Setup CD and look at the host id that the splash screen shows (down in the lower left corner I beleive).

2) Now go to Start > Run type in cmd. At the dos prompt type
ipconfig /all. Note which network card Pro/E is getting the Host
Id from.

3) Go to Start > Run and type in Regedit. This will open up
the registery editor. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE
CARDS. You should see two entries here. Click on each
of these folders and you should see a description of each network
card. Now match up the card from Step 2 and rename that folder to
1 and the other to say 3 or 4. The numbers only matter in the
fact that the one that pro/e sees needs to be before the other
one. If you have questions let me know.

4) You will need to reboot for the settings to change.

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New member
I done but I have 3 different HostID:

1) for USB card

2) for ethernet card

3) for ptcsetup

and in the regedit J have two folder (2 (network) and 12 (USB)).

Do I apply the same procedure?

Thank you

Best regards



New member
Problem resolvs, just nowJ rename the folder 2 (ethernet)in 1 and 12 (USB)in 2 and afterJ reboot the Pc.

Now proe is running.

thank you very much for your help




New member
Just a note: the card in the registry under number 2 is seen after number 12!
So the sorting is alphabetically, not by number. Something to consider when reordering...