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1 possiblity is to create a series of points, use the points to create adatum curve (single or multiple radius not spline), then either use the curve as a path for a sweep, or use the curve as a path for a pipe (Insert -> Advanced -> Pipe).

Another is to get Pro/Piping.


New member
If you don't have pro pipping (I recommend it), the best solution is create some points, use the points for a datum curve and create a sweep with this datum as a way.



Unfortunately, if you have a series of points and run a 3D datum curve through them, you will not be able to create a simple sweep feature along the datum curve. You can, however, create a swept blend, or (my favorite) use a simple pipe feature (has nothing to do with Pro/Piping... everyone has access to this feature).

See this thread for the valid curve types for sweeps:

[url]http://www.proecentral.com/portal/forum/msgDetail.asp?msg_id =2274&for_id=15[/url]