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Horizontal radius dimension


New member
In Wildfire 2.0 is it possible to display the text in a radius dimension horizontally similar to what a diameter dimension is displayed. I also want the remaining linear dimensions to be parallel to the leader lines.


New member
I dont think it is possible but you can create a parametric note with a leader which can be horizontal


New member
It is possible to do thisin WF2 F000 - see the following pic. The contents of the Text Orientation and Chamfer Style drop down menus are pasted below the main dialog box.

However I have not figured out how this is switched on - anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, Moriarty,

I was not able to get the menu options as you have shown.Do you get the same options for Radial dimensions as well? have you tried it out.

Well there is one option in drawing options ie radial_dimension_display I Tried using this option as well but with no success. Can any one elaborate this option, and how it can be used?


You can do it in WF3 C000. It's about time. Until that goes production I think the best thing to do is a parametric note.


New member
When in drawing mode, go to:
file/properties/drawing options.
Here you'll find the "config file"for drawing settings (what the extension is: look in "help")

Go to "these options control dimensions". Under this header you'll find "text orientattion". Set this option to "parallel_diam_horiz".
Works for me.
Are you talking about the Radial Dimensions or the Diametrical dimensions. It works for diametrical dimensions but not with radial dimensions.

I tried your option too Arjantnb, but dosent work for radial dimensions. if it works for radial dimensions in your case please save the drawing config file, (its extention is *.dtl, and it will get saved in your working directory) please forward the same to me @ [email protected]

What about the option i have asked before ie. radial_dimension_display. What is this option for? Can any body elaborate?


Allows display of radial dimensions in ASME, ISO or JIS standard formats, except when the text_orientation drawing setup option is set to horizontal, which forces the display of dimensions to be in the ASME format.
Note: Use this drawing setup option with the text_orientation drawing setup option for setting the display of radial dimensions.
Default and Available Settings


New member
I guess that a parametric note - for now - is the only way to get a radial dimension horizontal.
radial_dimension_display doesn't do anything with the text orientation


New member
In sketcher, sketch a horizontal centerline, sketch points at the horizontal intersections, create a dimension. Your part is now controlled by a linear dimension. This type of dimension can be at any angle.