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hole location from sketch?


New member
is it possible to play a hole reletive to a point on a sketch? (similar
to hole placement in AD Inventor.) or can one assign a datum axis to a
sketch point?

i have a odd-ball hole pattern, and would prefer not to use a hole table.

thanks for any help


u could just make your hole by sketching it and then making a cut.

this way you could reference it from anything you liked,

whats this funky pattern you wish to make?


New member
I don't know that it's the most efficient way, but think what I'd do is...

Create a set of Sketched Datum Points (flyout tool button) referencing the existing sketched hole layout (?).

Create a hole feature using one of the datum pts.

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to copy to next point, etc. This will make non-associative (to the original feature)copies and you may prefer to do the copy using an associative method.