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Hole Coaxial, Redefine to Linear


New member
WF2 question,

I have created a hole in assembly using coaxial, gone back to part model and picked edit def. pick placement and tried switching to linear. Drop down to pick linear does not show up. Can't get there.

Also, in 2001 you could place a hole using linear dim., those dim could come either a surface, plane, or axis. Knowing that when you picked an axis you had to follow with picking a plane to give direction. All good with the is process, but can this be done in WF2. Smart pick does not seem to recognize axis.

Help! Urgent!



if u go back to ur assembly where u made the hole, you will then be able to change it to linear.

the smart selection wizard will only let you pick reference u can use.


coaxial - axies and surface

diameter - surface axis plane.


just pick the type of hole ur after and then select references :)

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