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Hole callout


New member
I am implementing Pro?E wildfire into a office of 50 users, and none of us have ever used pro/e before (help!!!!), anyway I am customising the .HOL files to only have our standard drills/taps etc. I also want to change the Callout format to our present company standard and I have succeeded in doing this but have found that the callout format is then the same for tapped and clearance holes, my question is if there is only one ISO.HOL for example how do you get different callout formats??. As I understand you can only have 1 Callout format per file.


New member
I have just implemented the hole wizard for us also. I had to create counterbore and countersink hole files to have different callouts. That is like iso_cb.hol & iso_cs.hol & etc. Hope this helps.