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.hol files and formatting thread notes


New member
Does anyone have any info on how to set up .hol files or know of a good
tutorial online that walks you through step by step? I can't find much info
on it and I find it hard to believe that everyone is just accepting the
Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 defaults for fomatting.
I also want to know how to get rid of the zero before a dimension in
these hole parameters. ( For example:


If you open a drawing, right-click & choose drawing options - there are 2 options that control leading zeros.

lead_trail_zeros - can be set to std_metric or std_english - I don't know which one of the 2 removes leading zeros, but it's probably the std_english option.

lead_trail_zeros_scope - can be set to drawing (dimensions) or all (parameters, notes etc).


To create .hol files it is easiest to open a .hol file and save a modified version under a different name. Here is the way I created a .hol file.

Open Excel and use File Open tobrowse to the hole directory. Set to all files & select the .hol file that closest resembles the one you want to create - eg ISO for metric.

Choose the delimited file type and click next, the delimiter to use is space and click next. Select all of the columns (you may need to scoll down first) & set the format to text. Click finish.

For the THREAD_SERIES set it as a 5 character code - this is what will be shown in the drop-down table for selecting the screws (eg I have created a subsection of the ISO threads for Coarse called ISO-C). It is also what will be shown as the thread series in the notes. If you only want to create subsections, you can use an underscore (eg _UNC).

You can make your changes to the sizes of the holes & save - I recommend using a different file name, unless you are planning to overwrite the PTC file, in which case I would recommend saving a copy of the original in a different location.

If you have Wilfire open, restart it to have access to your new holes.


New member
Thanks for the info robertib, but as for creating the .hol files, I have already done all of that. I was really looking for info on how to call out the various thread, drill, counterbore and countersink types in the CALLOUT_FORMAT line of the .hol file.

Also the lead_trail_zeros and lead_trail_zeros_scope effected everything else on my drawing except the hole features that ultilize the .hol files. I just can't figure it out.



If you change the selection filter to annotation, you can select the thread notes & go to properties and you will see in the text box:-


Below are the files that I have used for inserting text from file.




New member
<H1 style="MARGIN: 6pt 0.25in 8pt 0in">ALSO Reference PTC TPI #107248</H1>
More Info:
<H1 style="MARGIN: 6pt 0.25in 8pt 0in">Formatting Thread Notes<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /></H1>
Thread notes provide information about standard hole features in your design, including the values listed in the hole chart for that hole.
You can customize the format and information to display in your thread notes by modifying the CALLOUT_FORMAT field in the Hole Chart.
Use the following principles to customize your thread note format: