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Hoe to extract meta data from Ilink


New member
Has enyone tried to extract metadata from the Ilink data server using ODBC or equivalent?

Surely it must be possible to use someting like MS-ACCESS to query the Ilink data dables.

One would think that this would be an easy task since Intralink is using an Oracle database... However it is not so simple :(

One question... what would you like to do with the MetaData?

Are you attempting to send the Ilink data over to an ERP/MRP system or do you just want to pull it out so you can look at it in another app...
Sure its possible, just download an ODBC driver for Oracle at and start querying.

It takes a while to figure out what tables to use and how to join them but then you can easely create BOMS and WHERE USED reports.

Im sure that the people at Fromtime can do this as well but i guess they are using the Intralink Toolkit!!


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