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Hiding assy components only in 3D


New member

The problem is I would like to hide some components in an assemby, but only in the 3D part. But I want them to always show up in the drawing. Is this possible?

I use Wildfire 1.0




New member
You can create various simplified representations and hide components. When you are creating a drawing, you can specify which simprep to use. E.g. you can use Master Rep for the drawing and Hidden_Components in the modeler.


New member
Simplified Reps are one option, another is to put your components on layers and turn off the layers in the assembly as required. The layers can also be controlled in the drawing seperately from the assembly. Either option will work.


New member
The problem with layer is physical memory. When you create SimpRep and open one in ProE, only models in SimpRep will load to memory, those one excluded from SimpRep not. If you put components on layers models are read into the memory and then blanked out of view.


New member
If u are abundant in memory and your asm not very large, you should use layer 'cause ofthe easiness and convenience in controlling hide/unhide component.

Put them (want-to-hide component)into layer and blank it. Simply remove it from layer whenever you want to show them.

That's just my opinion.