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Hidden part view in drawing

We have a drawing with a empty part in it. I want to delete it from the drawing but it says I have it in a view. I dont. I have completely deleted everything from the drawing all models views formats. Ad I still cant get rid of it.
In the layers it says its hidden but I cant unhide it!!!
Any help will be appreciated.
If you have deleted everything from the drawing, and it still doesn't work, why not just delete the drawing and start over? On the other hand, having an extra empty model in the drawing doesn't carry much overhead.

If you really need to keep using this empty drawing for some reason then I would open a call with PTC, sometimes they can fix things like this.
I advise you to look-up settings for drawings.

cleanup_drawing_dependencies is one of the setting I think there are others too.

I have had success doing clean-ups with the settings.

You can never have enough settings :) , its kind of like firewood.


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