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Hidden lines show as solid in Legacy drawings


New member
We have update to ProE 2001 (datecode 2003441), Intralink 3.3 (datecode 2003290) and Product View Division 6.4.7 (datecode 2003283)-

Legacy drawings that have previously been published OK, now show hidden lines as solid lines. Do we have a setting wrong somewhere or do we have to re-publish all the previous drawings ?
Was the display mode set correctly (hidden line)?

Or did you try changing current display setting from 'Shade' to 'Hidden Line'?

I opened the DRW file, printed from there and the hidden lines show as they should.

The old published file doesn't seem to be reading correctly in the new version of ProductView.

It seems to be this way -

Before our update of ProE, Intralink and ProductView -

- models and drawings were created

- the drawings were published

- view or print from ProductView, results were OK.

- We updated the 3 programs mentioned above

- now any new drawings created have the hidden lines shown and print as they should be in ProductView.

- But the older files that were created and published in the older version of ProductView now show only solid lines where they should be showing hidden lines.
I didn't realize that you were having problem with ProductView.

Sorry but I don't use ProductView so I can't help you.

I submitted this case to PTC in January of this year:

Pro/ENGINEER drawings with default hidden lines and tangent edges view display settings publish as solid object lines in ProductView. What needs to be done to have PV print hidden lines?

Their reponse:

We have seen this sort of thing before, where hidden (and center, etc.) lines are not shown properly after publishing them. There are a few different settings that can be made to resolve this.

Try these one by one in order (if #1 doesn't work, then ADD #2 (i.e. don't remove #1)):

1. Open the proeworker (or publisher) recipe file with the rcpedit.bat tool. In the recipe file, Adapter, Miscellaneous tab set Drawing Size to 'As Defined in ProE'. Save the file and restart the worker and publish the file again.

2. Again in the recipe file, Adapter, Miscellaneous tab set the ProE Plotter to HP7595A. Save, restart worker and publish again.

3. Edit or create a file in the same directory as the proeworker.bat (or proepublish.bat). In the set the following: 'force_wireframe_in_drawings no' and 'display hiddenvis' (don't use the single quotes).

We only had to perform item #1 and we were good to go.

We are using intralink 3.2 (2002270), Pro/E 2001 (2003400) and ProductView 6.4 (2002298).

I'm not sure if this will help you present situation but though it was worth including in your thread.

Brad Hacker

Zebra Technologies Corp.
We have done #1 - This corrected new drawings being published and showing their correct linetypes.

I'm not sure about #2 -

I'm pretty sure we have not done #3.

I'll check these out.

When you said we were good to go .... did you mean that your legacy drawings were all ok, viewing and printing them, or did you have to re-publish all of them?

Our concern is being forced to re-publish all of the legacy drawings just because we updated to newer builds of software.

PTC didn't do a very good job helping us with what repercussions would happen by upgrading or with the upgrade for that matter.