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Hidden config options

Wow. After looking at the list provided by the link above, I'd say about 20% of the options are hidden.
Anybody has a description for the hidden Options....

It's really nice but I don't know what they all do??


I find it a tad overwhelming all the options. Even if you know what you want proe to do, how do you know which option?? There's just far to many.

Using hidden config options could lead to trouble down the road. PTC hides the config options for a reason....they don't want anyone to see/use them. Also, I'm pretty sure they're not supported by PTC so if you had an issue/problem due to a hidden config option, I'm not sure they'd be able to help you out.

Here's another thought....what would happen if you turned on a piece of functionality today using a hidden config and PTC decided that they did not want to ever implement the functionality that the hidden config option unleashed. How would the models you create now (using the hidden functionality) be affected if that functionality never officially becomes part of the Pro/E environment in the future?

Don't get me wrong...I like playing with the hidden options myself, but I wouldn't use them in a production environment.
I agree with the Kman. Back when V20 went online I posted a number of hidden config options to the exploder list. Well after I did, a manager from PTC called me directly and said I should have not done that. As it was explained to me, hidden options are put there mostly for PTC Developement's purpose or to fix a specific problem a customer is having. Their use is not supported by PTC and if you run into problems using them PTC won't be liable. Of course, now they are like old friends. I only use a couple of hidden options in my installation for the reasons mentioned by myself and the Kman.

T. Troglio, CAD System Admin

Sunnen Products Company

St. Louis, MO
Config pro question

Thus any know any command, which can handle options like edge quality, and quality of shade etc, in the config pro

I know some like this ***display HIDDENINVIS*** but I need them especially for edge quality, and quality of shade!

I have found this two

shade_both_side_srf yes

edge_display_quality very_high

But I cant find any connected with shade quality (from 1
This is all nice for hidden config options. Where can one go to get a list of all other config options? Also, how can you tell which go in and which go in prodetail.dtl? I'm using 2000i^2 by the way.


The frequent ProeCentral responder, XCAD, has a word document of ALL the options. You can get the list from him.
I belive there is a complete list of config options in your Pro/E loadpoint\text\confif.cdb. Hidden config options are usually bug fixes and may work for you, but if you are not instructed by PTC to use them I would refrain from using them.


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