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Hidden Components in view


New member
In an assembly view, can anyone tell me how to make one component behind

another visible (phantom) without making the whole view hidden line visible?

In other words, I want to keep the view "no hidden" but make one component

phantom? also, I dont like the results of changing the "style" of the forward component to "phantom transparent. Any help is appreciated............


New member
I don't understand your question. In your question you asked 'make one
component phantom' and in the next sentence you wrote 'I don't like
the result of changing the 'style' to 'phantom ....' ?!?

However, did you try to set that component individually to 'Hidden Line' (Even when the View Disp is in 'No Hidden Lines') ?

In ProE2001:

View --> Display Mode --> Member Display --> HLR Display --> Select that component --> Choose 'Hidden Line'

Gives this you the result that you wanted ?

Even, after you set that component to 'hidden line' you can still
always set it to a phantom style if you want. Maybe a
combination of both will give you the wanted result !!!



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