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Help with .prt mirror

There are several options.

Probably the safest and easiest, if you are working with Pro-E 2001 would be:

1. Create a new assembly

2. Assemble the part you want to copy.


4. Then Select PART and MIRROR in the Component Create Box.

5. It will then ask for the part you are mirroring and a reference plane (mirror plane). You will need to select if you want a reference or a copy of the exising part. Select copy if you want an independant copy.

There are other ways, but this is easiest. I've only had problems once with this method. It was a huge complicated shrinkwrap I was mirroring. Hopefully it will work for your purposes.
This weeks tip shows you how to mirror parts using assemblies. This has been the standard way for a while now. This method may give some users problems using Intralink since it may create GHOST objects. If you want to avoid this don't use any assembly references for assembling OR mirroring. So select a plane or planar surface on your part as the mirror plane and after saving the new part. Delete the dummy assembly.

Do you want LH and RH parts ?

Or are you planning on building half of a symmetric part and mirroring that ?

I just want to add something in this conversation.

You can also create a mirror of a subassembly as described above.

The option that has added to Pro/E 2001 is that can now select if the names of the created components of the subassembly are different or are reused.

Be careful with that because if you choose the names of the components to be reused may be Pro/E change the way components are assembled in purpose to keep the same names.

Just practise with that



Toddhammer replied the standard solution to this problem. But there is a much simpler solution to this but a bit limited one.

click on adv util> repeat

then select your part to mirror and then select constraint has to be changed

then select where the mirror definition is valid.

Try and inform me.
it need't do in assemble ,it can do in part modeling.

after you complete your modeling,

feature>insert mode

then cut the otiose part!



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