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help with Assembly feature in part design


New member
Hello Catia Users

I'm trying to assemble a pocket (body) to the main partbody usingboolean feature Assemble, however the pocket feature (body) does not become part of the original partbody and I get the message " You are trying to create a boolean operation between an ordered body (OGS or body) and a non-ordered body (GS or solid body). Operand body will not be moved under the boolean feature. Do you want to continue?" The company mandates one partbody per .catpart, Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hello rcress2009,
it seems you are trying to assemble a hybrid body with a non-hybrid body. Probably the setting Tools : Options : Infrastructure : Part Infrastructure : Part Document : Hybrid Design was modified between the creation of both bodies. I guess the gears icons of the bodies have different color (yellow-green or grey-green).

The setting should be kept with the value recommended by your company. There is no way to change a non-hybrid body into a hybrid one (nor viceversa). One of them must be recreated.

Thanks very much for the response, You're suggestionfixed the problem.I figured it was a option setting, butI had no idea whatto look for. Thanks again!


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