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Help me set the assembly absolute accuracy of a part.


What is the absolute accuracy? I have already created my mold cavity model. I applied shrinkage to the model already. I now need to set the assembly absolute accuracy to the parts. I was told these steps: Select SETUP>ACCURACY and hit the esc key(to enter absolute accuracy) Hitting the esc key does nothing! What am I missing? The next step is select ABSOLUTE>SELECT MODEL and pick the ref model. Now I get a pop up asking for what I want the accuracy to be. (default is .0012) What steps do I need to take in order to eliminate the error I am getting stating the mold assembly has absolute error conflict?
Put in the the next option:

enable_absolute_accuracy yes

Apply the settings.


I would suggest next steps for your next mold:

1. start building the model in absolute accuracy from the beginning (for example 0.01mm)

2. build mold from this model using a copy of the reference model.

3. accuracy of will automatically be set according to your starting model.