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Help me , Help ..! please come in!



How to change the dimension size in sketcher enviroment. and how to change the note text height in pro/e 2001. as when I noted some text on any feature in pro/e 2001, those text size like ants. It is my pitty! who can help me . please ....!
in enter text_height_factor and set it to 30. This will make all dimensions and text larger.

If you created text as a feature using extruded text, datum curves, or cosmetics, simply modify the feature and change the dimension. If there is no dimension try redefining the sketch and dragging one end of the line which starts the text.
now I am using pro/e 2001 , the parameter text_height_factor

no exist.

addional, I only make a note on feature , not protrusion a text style feature!

thanks for your reply!
it is a hidden option. You MUST type it in manually.

It is not in the list. Just enter it in the box.

drawing-advanced-draw setup-drawing_text_height

change the value to whatever text height you want.

save the file( it will have .dtl extension)


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