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help in tangent surface...


New member
I need help:

I have a set of 4 spline intersecating and want to make a surface from them, but when I try to set the tangency, only one direction allow it.....

When I use the curves....there is something go wrong??May I use composite curve, spline curve??
Do you have surfaces as boundaries? Are you using them for boundary conditions of the new surface? Double check the curve conditions at their ends.

If you're using composite curves check if they are really intersecting.

And, I'd gladly help if you send me the file :)
If I understand corectly, you are trying to meke surface by boundaries. Surface can only be tangent on one boundary if it is tangent on whole boundary. This includes the ends where it is defined by spline curve. Check if all the curves are tangent to the neighboring geomery.