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Helical cut with sharp points



We're trying to create a helical cut & we want the pitch and cross-section to be the same size, so there's a sharp point at the tip of the thread.

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To add to the problem, it's on an inclined surface.

Pro/E doesn't like this - probably because the feature would have co-incident points, etc... It works OK with a tiny flat, as you can see.

Does anyone know a better way to do this?




Note - although the image shows it looking OK, in reality the dims are not both equal.

I suppose this can be fudged in the drawing, but it's not ideal...


New member
This is pretty easy, but hard to explain. These instructions are based on a horizontal trajectory. When you sketch the section you get 2 default centerlines. Center the minor radius of the thread, on the vertical line. Finish the section outside the part. Align points where the inclined surface, and the section intersect. Make a horizontal dimension of the points. Make this equal to your pitch.


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