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Heidenhain postprocessor


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the link above only gives you unusable posts. i went through this place many many times. the reason they put them up there because they want to claim that their cam does have some kind of post library. sorry ptc but it is true. post processor remains the biggest problem with cam. i rather have them include the cost of the post in the pricing. my manager was pissed off when i told him i couldn't give him a nc program because there was no post. just my 2c


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You are correct. The posts on the PTC website are just a place to start and sometimes not too close at that. Post are nearly unique for each machine configuration. I have a working post for a Kern 5-axis mill (table on table) with a Heidenhain TNC426 control. It produces ISO G code, not Heidenhain conversational. It also has some code built in for a Blum laser tool setter. Cyles are not supported. I share these files with no guarantee.


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If anyone is interested, we provide post builing services. I have a
staff of 4 ex-PTC MFG specialists taht only write and implement posts.

If anyone ever needs pricing on any particular post, it would be our pleasure to see how we can help out.

Happy Holidays!


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How can i get a 3 axis post for a TNC-430



New member
I need post-processor files for Heidenhain-TNC-415B, to be used with Pro-E-wildfire-R2.

If someone can help, please reply.


S K Sharma.


New member
Hi. I have Post-processor for Heidenhain-TNC-415B and use too for Heidenhain-TNC-360. Work correct. SAned me PM with e-mail and a can send post.


New member
Have bought an Old machine,
Heidenhain TNC355. Do anyone have postprocessorfiles to mastercam? Would
be wonderful. Have not got it working perfect.

Would be great!

Thanks in advanve!



New member
hi every one

we have dmu 50 evolution 5axis machining center .. we are using proe wildfire 2 for machining we have post processor for its 3axisout put but don't have post processor for its 5axis out put please send me the post if you have ...

i will be very thankful..

mushtaq ahmed

[email protected]

[email protected]


New member
Again, I have a 3 axis post for the TNC-430 I will let you have it for free. All you have to do is email me, and I will reply with the post attached. But, please do not try to sell this to anyone. I am doing this to help others in need, not to make a buck.


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I also have a 50 evolution 5 axis positioning post. I didn't get a chance to finish the 5 axis surfacing before my leaving prior company. Same deal goes, free.


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Anyone have TNC 410 postprocessor? I'm programing in ProE and our machine is Hermle U630T.

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dibz said:
Hi guys

i have a post processor perfectly working(minor editing) for tnc 426 convensional.

Do you want to send me to try on [email protected]. I have tnc 355 4 axis.

I have working perfectly proe postprocessor for tnc2500b written in iso
code, but i always must to change parametar on machine, becasuse i
manualy write on heidenhain code.

If anyone want's to send him this postprocessor, send me a PM.

Sorry for my bad english.

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