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Healing geometry in an iges skull


New member
hi all,

I have successfully imported an iges skull. I healed the majority of the geometry by autoselecting an edge chain and zipping the gaps. As of right now, I have one measely yellow triangle of lines that won't heal. I understand that the area is 2-d and not 3-d but i can't seem to either (a) delete one of the edges or (b) add a new edge to give the area depth. Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!!!!
If you are able to send me the file I can probably stitch it up for you. Autoselecting will only get you so far, you have to fix boundaries etc to get any further. Its not very intuitive but it works pretty well.

Actually, I was able to heal the geometry on my own! (which was pretty cool). I did notice a big difference in the extent of healing needed when the imported units were converted and interpretted. If you still would like to give it a shot, I'm sure the skull will still be put to good use. Just let me know.

you can use Pro/legancy to remouve that bad triangle form original import, and after that to make one surface to fillit and one surface merge, and is done. :)

Sometime is not an good idea to heal one bad geometry, it's only faster. But if try to change the accuracy in one lower value... then the gaps will be one big problem.

When you mast use one imported geometry dor buiding up one assembly then you must have on realy healty solid, if not you wil have realy hart time late. :)
better make points in the corner and draw curves through the points

and make a surface out of the curve

hi shaapalla,

I manage to understandd that you were working with an IGES file of a skull. Could you send it it to me ?

thanks in advance