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Having issues with model colors changing...

Nose Bleed

New member
...And it's causing me a nose bleed. Each time I decide to modify a color of a surface within an assembly, I set the color that I want, save the model, and then go back to modeling.

Now, when I'm ready to add a new part to my assembly, the colors get all fouled up on the surface I had just previously modified the color on - to some other wacko color I never chose!

Any ideas how this might be happening? This has never happened before, It just started doing this, this week.

By the way, it's version 2001.
Exactly!!! BLACK!!!!

Actually, It gave me another color this evening- after I posted this - Violet - when I chose WHITE!!!!!

Man - If I was on drugs - this would be really cool - but, I'm at work (12:00 a.m.)
P.S. Think I found the cure for the color change. Save the assembly after the color change, then close Pro/e. Re-open - change the color AGAIN - then save. Seems to work...

Anyone know a quicker way?

See ya in 4 hours.... Yes, I want some cheese to go with my whine....
Stupid question, but shouldn't you be changing the surface color in part mode if you want it to affect all instances in the assembly?
That just it - I don't want it changing all instances, just a particular surface...

Otherwise no, just changing the surface color in part mode will only affect that individual part/ surface on that part - not the rest of the assembly, unless I chose to modify color from model in assembly mode, then all colors on that particular part would change.
How about creating a surface as an assembly level feature, offset some microscopic distance from the original surface, and applying a color to that?
Hmmm, seems to be less effort to just resave - However, todays modeling didn't have this problem. I changed colors as I always have in the past, and they stayed put!

There must be a ghost in the machine


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