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Has anyone used "Quick Parts"?

Nose Bleed

New member
I'm putting my feelers out for some rapid prototyping work, has anyone had any negative experience with quick parts?

Thanks in advace..
They used to have unbeatable pricing , but then their price went up dramatically. Now I am forced to shop around.

Good supplier with quick turnaround just not consistant on pricing.
Second for met-l-flo - good bunch who really know the job.

For top quality - Baxter Healthcare AEDC - maybe the best.

Talk to Brian Westhauf.

Their prices are good and they are extremely dependable.

I have used them for about 5 years ( a few times a week on occasion) and have no complaints.

Unfortunately we don't supply rapid prototype such as SLA, etc. but we are a good source for machining from native Pro/E models. If you need a more structural part than RP can provide, try us out.