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Has anyone been succesful in downloading Pro/Desktop Express


New member
Has anyone been succesful in downloading Pro/Desktop Express. Every time i try to down load it from ptc's site it wont download!!
I did download it but it was back when had the old face.

You had to make an PTC Online Account, register it and download it. I recall there was some kind of password or license generated that works for 6 months...

For what is worth, I'm having trouble downloading a lot of stuff from the site and too...

you might be able to ask for help on the contact page of
I downloaded it once, but it was back in November. It still was a problem to get through then. I was told before hand that it was not worth the trouble and they were right. I took it off my system the first night. Better of getting the student edition if possible.
They really made this one tough. Even PTC tech support couldn't figure out how to make it work! I had to email myself a link to the web page and then I was able to right click on the link in my email and pick Save Target as... to get the file. Somebody got way to cutesy with the web page design. Here's the link:

Disclaimer: I have to agree with Southernbo. I uninstalled the program after evaluating it for about an hour. We only wanted to use it as a viewer (ProductView Express is pathetic). It can't handle parts generated from family tables so it was a non-starter for us. It could be a decent VERY basic CAD tool for conceptual work by a non CAD user (i.e. manager, sales, etc.). I thought about putting it on my 6th graders computer for him to play around with.

Bernie Hayden