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Has a final release date been set for Wildfire?


New member
I was wondering if PTC has decided when Wildfire will make its retail debut. Last I heard, it was 4Q 2002. Is that still correct?

Also, will a Student Edition be offered (under similar terms as the current one)?
Just had an Admin Webinar with PTC. The Pre-release is out now, and the production release will be end of January 2003. But if you use Intralink, you HAVE TO WAIT for Intralink 3.3 to come out in March of 2003 before you can use Wildfire with it. It will NOT work with 3.2.
I figured that Wildfire would have been pushed back, but I am disapointed to see that Ilink users will need to wait until 3.3 comes out.

It is standard practice to wait 3 or 4 months before upgrading as it is, now many user will need to wait 3-4 months after Ilink 3.3 is released before upgrading - that is of course assuming that both products are reported as being relatively beg free. Too bad since I like what I have seen from Wildfire so far ( sneak peaks and pre-prod releases).

Hopefully with Ilink 3.3 they will have it a little more integrated with Pro/E. There's no reason why they can't have things like Check-In and switch WorkSpace from directly in Pro/E...


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