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Hardware Library.


New member
Hello All,

I'm looking for Standard Parts Library Can u please help me to get that. I also have a cd given by the PTC

& the title of that cd is Proengineer Basic Library & UDF library but I don't know how to access it, is this the cd contains the standard part library If yes then how to use that ?

Thanks In advance.


With Pro/E Foundation, all users are provided with a hardware library that includes both english and metric fasteners, pins, and all kinds of stuff. I'm sure that is what was provided to you on the CD. Go to the PTC website and find the hardware library catalog (a PDF) that shows the names of the generic instance parts, identifies the governing industry standard, and shows a figure of the generic instance. If you can't find it on the website, then contact your tech support contractor (RAND or PTC?).

Each part is a generic instance containing family tables that list all sizes and lengths available to the industry-governing specs. You will need to add parameters to each family table if you want to associate the industry spec and your part number to each instance. This requires knowledge of family tables, text parameters, and so forth. Do you have this knowledge?

Typically, you put each hardware item in a directory of its own, optimally on a network drive that everyone can access. Then you will need to list all those directories in your SEARCH.PRO file. Also, you're config.sup file will need to indicate the location of SEARCH.PRO.

I set up a complete, fully-documented library at my last place of employment and I assure you that it's quite a bit of work setting it up. For the text parameter describing the items, keep it as generic as possible; it would be a HUGE effort to go into each instance and spell out a full description that includes size data.

You also may want to look at the archives on this site as I helped someone put together a library a few months ago. Search on Library.

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your Prompt & brief reply, I will try the susggestions given by you & will let you know the findings

Be in touch.

Wow, this is an old post, but is exactly what I am wondering. I am using Wildfire 2.0. Is PTC currently offering anything in the way of a standard hardware library, or do they have any "partners" who are offering something of this sort?

I had a small collection at my previous job, but that job ended, and I was using 2000i.



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