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Gurus only please


New member
I have many differant shapes that I want to machine in a flat state and then place it on a contour surfaces and bond it.

I start with a part that is in the finished shape. The question is how do I flatten it so it will be machinable and return to the correct shape on the bonding tool

i will post a steped file of the shaped part. called wedge.stp


New member
What about starting out in Sheet Metal. Create the the revolved wall that you need or whatever surface. Flatten it and machine the surface in the flat state and then do unbend. To unbend it you may have to pick an edge for the reference.

The shapes may not appear as if they were formed in the bend shape but....?



New member
This Guru could not read your step file, not in 2001 as in WF.

This Guru is also wondering why it is a step file and not a Pro/E file?



New member
You have to do your work in sheetmetal.

If you have yor part in solid, change the application to sheetmetal, and you will be guided to transform your part.

If the welded corners are modeled allready, you have to cut them off. pay attention that your sheets are cut verticaly everywere, otherwise Pro/E can't unbend it.

Then create a flat pattern feature. Now you can make a family table with the flat pattern supressed in the generic and keep it for manufacturing in the instance.