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gtols in instances


New member
I have a couple projects that have the same problem. First I am creating a part with two material construction possibilities, there are different gtols for each material. The other is a flat pattern of a bent part with gtols on the flat pattern. Both are done with instances and I don't want the gtols to carry over from instance to instance but they are. How can I seperate them within the same part?
In the family table, you can add the tolerance to the table: click on new column>dimension: and click the gtol tolerance value. This will add the tolerance to the table.
I have done that. But in drawing mode I go view/set model and then insert/gtol, then try to select any referencing surface and it tells me my selections are invalid because they are not part of the model.
Ok, what I do is I create the gtol in the generic. Go to Family Table, add dimension, select gtol value, and done. Change the value in the Family Table, make sure you Verify the instance. Go to your drawing, add the instance, create a view, show the dimension & gtol. It should work, it worked for me. Email me if you have more problems.

Just make sure you create the gtol in the model. I am not sure if that will make a difference, but that is what I did and it worked.
Thanx for your help, I just needed to use the select model button in the insert instances properties box. I guess I over looked it when going through. Dumb mistake on my part.


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