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Grouping and Copying in Sketch Mode


New member
I was wondering if there was a way to group objects in sketch mode.... Something like the option in MS Word. If you could, then you could copy and paste these grouped objects if you need to. This would make things alot easier. =)


New member
this is not exactly what you are after, but might help.

sketch the geometry you wish to use multiple times, and save the sketch. you can save many different sketches of commonly used geometry, and store them in a library.


New member
One tip, use a vertical and a horizontal centerline in your sketch to use for your dimension references.

Otherwise dimensions will not be saved with the sketch.


New member
can we copy a single line in a rectangular sketch to other sketch(this is a small ex to understand the question)


New member
ProFishent said:
Just select all the items holding the shift key, then EDIT/COPY. You can even scale and rotate the copies.

How do you do this using a base point like in autocad?