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Graphic card


New member

I know that you usually have to use Pro graphics cards with Pro/E but since we

don't really need the overly good visualization, we where using TNT32 cards with

2001 with good enough results, but now with wildfire the system has become slow

and we're almost unable to make it work with hardware openGL, so the system has

turned very slow overall...

We're looking at the new FX5200 cards with 128MB, but I would like to know your

opinions, should I try and find some older Quadros/Fire/Oxygen cards that would

be around that price? or should I cough up for a newer pro card?...

We don't really need fancy visuals, but just functional ones (as the ones you

get with a TNT32 on 2001) but with normal speed.

What do you think?

Best regards,

For the FX5200/AGP 8X/128MB/DDR

they ask around $100

But I don't want to overkill, with our actual TNT32s we're doing just about fine, almost enough.

best regards,

i don't think that the fx cards are overkill. it would be a good investment towards future versions of Pro E as well, in my opinion.
fx cards are overkill??? come on people. even gamers don't put fx5200 in their box. we are talking about real work here. if you are doing some real work with pro/e i would suggest minimum a quadro 750 or higher. i just got a 3dlabs vp880 pro. and it's kicking a#@$SS. just my 2ct.
I just had the vp990 and it is horrible just my 2 cents my ti 4600 is ten times the that card and its 2 years old !!!
I am running a PNY FX1000 that drives a Viewsonic VX2000. Great setup. Have no complaints.

The 950 & 980 GXL's are good cards also. Just that when my system was built PNY had an excellant comparision table for all thier cards they considered worthy of an mcad system.

Others around me are using the Wildcats.... I have nothing good to say here.


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