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graphic-based extrusion


New member
I'm modeling an old jack for a 29 Ford Model A. There are several labels punched into the surface indicating lot numbers, etc, and there is a raised Ford script on one part.

Instead of trying to match the script to a true type font and protruding characters, is there any way I can import a graphic of the Ford script and protrude that?



New member
If you happen to have an IGES file of the logo you can do that.

You could also use the graphic to create a bump map, but this would only appear to distort the surface of the part when photo rendered. It would not be a separate feature.


New member
Use draft offset to extrude your logo if you need draft


create a surface in the shape of your logo.

(copy the underlying surface and trim it with your artwork)

Then surface offset using the with sides option checked.

Its at the bottom of the offset dialog and I cant remember the exact name of the option in older versions. In wildfire its just edit>offset for both of these options.



New member
I'm not very familiar with the IGES format. Is it just a polygon map of an image? I have a graphical format of the logo, jpeg or so, can I resolve an IGES formated file from that?

Thanks again