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Ghost Objects - How to handle them?


New member

Occasionally, ghost objects would appear when I tried to save layout or .asm file. The most troublesome is the ghost object which does not exist in the commonspace. I have this 'A' assembly with literally close to hundred components, and it has a dependent ghost object - not exists in the commonspace.

Now, I can not check this 'A' assembly into the commonspace, and I can not delete the ghost object because when I tried to delete the ghost object; Intralink suggested that I should delete the 'A' assembly as well.




I have been through the same experiance.

Ghosts are created when there is an associated film missing and in larger asm's they can be very difficult to track down.

you can create a part with the same name as the ghost object in your workspace but that doesn't get rid of it.

you could try the old 'export-import-update-import' shuffle, this has worked for me before. I think since you only use 'required' to export and import it drops the ghost on the way.

Hello Ian,

Thanks for the input.

Yes, I tried many different ways that I can possibly think of when there was a ghost appeared. Sometimes it went my way; Sometimes it did not. But with the ghost which does not exist in the commom space, I have not got any luck just yet.

I normally would create the part with the same name as the ghost then checked it in. By then, Intralink would let me check my new model(s) in or it would let me update the ghosts then subsequently, delete the ghosts.

By the way, can you explain more to me about the 'an associated film ...'? What is it? How does it get to be created?


Thavu / Ian,

I have also had ghost.prt & ghost.asm problems. I have found that the ghost.* is created while I have both the layout and the associated *.prt or *.asm open in two sessions of Pro/E. The ghost.* is created after I have (1) modified the layout, (2) saved the layout, (3) do a regen on the associated *.prt or *.asm.

To avoid creating the ghost.*, I only have the layout open when I modify it. I then save and close the layout. Then I open the associated *.prt or *.asm. This process is a bit tedious but I'm looking for a better solution.

In the mean time, to eliminate the existing ghost from Intralink I do the following:

(1) Create a ghost.prt & a ghost.asm in Common space. Keep these in your commonspace for future problems also. These should exist only as a name file with no geometric data or metadata attached to them.

(2) In your workspace, rename those ghost to the ones created in commonspace.

(3) Perform a Sync w/commonspace on the renamed ghost files.

You should now be able to check in the required *.prt's & *.asm's and also delete the ghosts from your workspace.

Hope this works.


Ron Exley

[email protected]

Sounds awfull familiar to me, as well. I had this problem with Intralink 3.0 and it was extremely complicated to sort it out. Since we've moved to Pro/Intralink 3.2, things are at least manageable.

This works for me:

1. Go to Info - Global Reference Viewer - Show Reference Graph and in newly opened window :

2. Select part/assembly that was flagged by Pro/intralink as cause for failure while trying to Check In in Commonspace

3.Select Show reference parents/children of the selected object.

4. All external references should become visible.

5. Go to the parent and delete dependency that causes problem.

6. Save to Workspace, checkin to commonspace.

My favorite causes for failure: Sections in features dimensioned to other parts/fetures in assembly ; Interchangeable assemblies; Start parts/assemblies; Suppresed parts in higher order assembly - all of them not saved with the source assembly.


If your looking to get rid of ghosts and providing you have the right cut of 2001 you can add a line to your file which will clean up the ghosts for you!

go onto the PTC site, there is a page relating to clearing up the ghosts.

If you cannot find the info give me a shout.
it's as easy as this : create the ghost object in a new workspace with the same name ; check it in ; check in the asm
My last ghosts came from an imported .asm with suppressed feature, the suppress features were the ghosts and so all i did was delete the suppress features and i was able to delete the ghost. I've also done the new part and workspace/common space sync. It depends on the cause how you handle them.
You can erase memory, add

cleanup_drawing_dependencies = yes to


Ppen the assembly with the ghosts

and save it again.

Remove the previously added

line and is should be gone.
Hello all,

Thanks for all your help.

For Biff, I've tried PTC site but had no luck just yet.

For NielsC, I can't seem to add cleanup_drawing_dependencies to the ... I use proe 2001 commercial and the 'cleanup_... ' is just not there.

Thanks again.


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