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Getting rid of Legacy Data


New member
This question is more about administering/changing management than it is administering Pro-E, but I would think this would be the place to get an answer.

We've switched over to Pro-E over the last couple of years. The problem I face as the admin is what to do with the years and years of legacy data (Cadds5) we have to deal with. We have years of drawings and models from our product that are still being used. As a result, many of our engineers are forced to work on the Cadds5 system to maintain our legacy data. Many have forgotten everything they were taught about Pro-E. Only new developement is done on Pro-E.

How can I get management to realize this situation and see the benefit of making a mandantory switch to Pro-E? Have any of you had to face this? What did your company do?

Success in convincing management to switch over is always going to be driven by the bottom line. It has to cost less to switch over than to maintain 2 systems. Consider researching the cost associated with mainting the CADDS5 system. Software, hardware, training, etc. Compare it with the cost of switching over. Coverting drawings at a minimum to Pro/E. Usually models as well. Will the new Pro/E models be so much easier to change and update and track that the conversion is worth it. As for engineers who have forgotten what they've learned, that happens in almost ecery large comapny I have ever been associated with. This is the driving factor behind the online training we produce. They are quick, concise, and nothing is ever skipped. If they can't convert yet think about trying to keep the engineers up to speed. Take a look at for online 24/7 training.


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