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Getting "Link" or "External Reference" re


New member

Is there anyone who knows the Automation API that can
return "Link" or "External Reference" relation in any

I got the design, for example, the product P which is
consisted with two parts A,B.

And the part B only has a Sketch profile and part A has a
solid which is resulted by Pad feature with the sketch in
part A.

So part has B published a sketch and I can "see" the
external reference relation at the feature tree of part

What I want to do is getting the part name and sketch
name which part B has referencing(which is part A).

Until now I can get the hybrid sketch object from part B,
which seems to have a information of external reference
but I don't know

hot to get the detailed information that I want to get.

Is there anyone who can help me?


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