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getting frm from CS very slow 1st time


New member
We have a mapkey to create a start drawing. One of the things this
mapkey does is get a frm from Commonspace. The first time this is done,
it can take as long as 30 minutes to accomplish this, then as long as
you do not close down intralink, the next time takes 30 seconds. Has
any one else experienced this? Did you find the root cause?

Any help would be appreciated.

Running ProE 2001 and Intralnk 3.2.

Jeff Ruff


New member
No, havent got the same problem but we are using a similar method.
Using 2001 and 3.2 as well.
Not using a mapkey to create the drw just to bring up the format from CS.

Config.pro :
pro_format_dir intralink://cs/standard/format

The mapkey starts with #SHEETS;#FORMAT;#ADD/REPLACE;...
then it just browses to the format dir.

When you say it only takes 30s to get the format a second time, is it the same format then? Using this method you actually check-out the format to your local workspace which can explain the performance difference.

I assume you already has intralink running when you start your mapkey, otherwise I would check if there is a problem with gaining licenses.

A little bit thin perhaps but I hope it can help you to guide you.


New member
Try to do the same in a new WS.

I have notice this sometime if a local database is opgradet from a old intralink version to a newer, and if the formats exist in WS.

Or try to delete .proi folder and you will get complete new WS.