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German symbols


I got a scanned copy of an old (1966) German tooling drawing. It has some symbols I don't understand. I think it has something to do with how the surfaces are produced, Cut, rough ground, finish ground, etc but that is just a guess. I hope this jpeg which is a conversion of the original tiff is legible. The symbols are a tilde (~) and 1 to 4 inverted triangles. If anyone can translate the text I will be grateful.
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If is a very old drawing the things can be different

The german language have A LOT of composite words

Imagine you need to rough a surface in finest class possible and the word can


The german talk in this manner

Don"t forget if is the old drawing must think what where the condition to machinning designed parts in that time.........

In my opinion in your image is abbout quality of surface

For example GlatteFlache can be glatty surface

Flache mind surface or flat

Can you show me all drawing?


you are right - it has sth to do with surface finishing.

glatte flache - surface which is smoothed out

schruppflache - rough surface

schlichtflache - it is a surface which is a litlle bit smoothed out

feinschlichtflache - very smooth surface

feinmessflache - the smoother surface of all mentioned above


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Good tip Ankarl

But i am afraid translation is not very thecnical ;thats
mind is not very good but i try for others phrases,normal,
an is working 80 % corect




The triangles are the surface finish requirements - the information below is based on a surface roughness standards comparator we have here.

1 triangle is 12.5Ra

2 triangles are 6.3 to 1.6Ra

3 triangles are 0.8 to 0.2Ra

4 trangles are 0.1 & 0.05Ra

Hope this helps - I don't know what the tilde means.


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Hello dr_gallup

general condition meaning of the

~ symbol means -even, smooth, surface without finish instruction-

defined surface quality (roughness) manufactured by hand or milling/lathing machine

v rough machining between 1mm and 3mm cut off to prepare for next step (hand =rasp, milling=roughing out operation)

v v smoothing with cut off 1mm to 0.5mm fine surface (hand=fine file, milling=finish)

v v v smoothing with cut off 0.5mm to 0.09mm fine finishing surface

v v v v smoothing with cut off 0.09mm to 0.01mm precision measuring surface

grinding and honing are not part of this production process.