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Geometry Reps


New member
Hi there,

Is there anyone out there that uses geometry reps in large assembly drawings that can let me know of any unobvious pitfalls eg;

1. Adding/removing components from an assembly after the drawing is created.
2. Adding/removing features from an assembly component after the drawing is created.
3. Bom balloon and bom behavior
4. Section behaviour
5. What are the kind of changes made to a model that don't auto update in the drawing.
6. How do model changes affect dimensions or any other kind of drawing attachments eg; leaders, symbols etc.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Many Thanks,

M W.


New member
balloon attachments don't seem to work once they are placed.

if the view & balloons were place (not table driven) while the master, or a normal rep was used in adding the view - they STAY, but cannot be replaced.