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Geometry not updating after reorder in feature tree


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me please?

Simple flange, put a radial hole in and circular pattern, no problem.

Want to add patterned chamfer to the hole, so chamfer first hole, reorder before the patter, redefine the pattern and try and add the chamfer alongside the hole.

All the patterned geometry disappears. It's Catia V5 SP 1.

Thank you very much if anybody can help me.

Kind regards,

Phillip Wolstenholme


Geometry not updating after reorder

Hello guys,

Just a quick message to say I figured this one out - you need to make sure that the last feature in the feature tree is set to 'Define In Work Object'.

You will know that the last feature in the tree is active because it then becomes underlined.

Hopefully this may help someone else who is possible learning the software at some stage.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

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